Every time I watch Tangled, I notice something different. Sometimes it’s about how lines are said or the writing in general or background imagery. Sometimes It’s just something about costume design.

Last night, I noticed for the first time that, at the very back of Rapunzel’s crown, there’s a little divot with a ruby set in it. Rather than being a smooth circle, it has that little design. And I noticed, when she’s trying it on in front of the mirror, that little shape helps to hold it in her hair and probably keeps it from shifting.

Cool  I love the design of the crown.



If Disney Princesses Were Actually Sloths by Jen Lewis

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Give unto me.


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Disney Get To Know Me meme by rememberingwalt
→ 1/10 Characters - Rapunzel

rapunzel & eugene + almost kisses


Hiccup: Afternoon, m’lad, where have you been?

Arvid: Oh, winning races. What else? Where have you been?

Hiccup: Avoiding my Mom.

(( Yessss, I’m finally branching out from Disney… (don’t get too excited though, I’m probably not going to make a habit out of this. ;) ). Here’s my tribute to HTTYD 2, because GUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!! *flails* IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!! <3<3<3

Also, I kept Hiccup’s name the same because… Hiccup. XD <3 ))

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My boys being fierce O(≧▽≦)O
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